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Cabo De Rama | Goa



Glacial Lake and Rugged Mountains | Enroute Kashmir Great Lake Trek, India.

Hello! I am Nomadic Baban, a travel blogger based in Kolkata, the cultural capital of India. This is a platform where I share my adventures from around the world, as well as travel tips, photos( absolutely raw and without any editing), videos and much more.

From the very days of my adulthood, I was swayed by the passion for travelling the world but this inherent temptation found a meaningful expression in my mid-twenties. As an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan(SRK), the megastar of India, I was deeply motivated by his words: There should be a clinical correlation between one’s passion and profession, though it happens rarely.

In real parlance, it often happens that one who wants to be a cricketer ends up being a doctor or otherwise. Profession without passion is tantamount to clinging on to physical existence amidst psychological death. My story is also no exception. However, I have managed to pursue my passion for travelling partly at the least, if not totally.

Enroute Vasudhara Falls | Uttarakhand | India


I have decided to write and share my experiences for threefold objectives, viz. To unfold the curtain of myth of the places created in social media and to counter it with real information and stories; To negate the unhealthy competition of showing off  in social media; Most importantly to inspire and enthuse the people about travelling
and to make them comprehend the real purpose of travelling.

Srk-ian way of life | Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, West Sikkim.

Dispelling The Myth Around Instagram Pictures

One of my onerous endeavours is to dispel the myth around the places foisted
by the Instagrammers. Instagram may befool you in certain respects. For example, I
was inspired by a photo of wilderness in Kartik Swami temple in Uttarakhand.
However, when I reached there after an hour of hiking, I got bewildered at the sight
of a throng of people competing with each other in pursuit of taking Selfies and
Groupies ! No solitude, not a modicum of wilderness at all. More often than not, such
Instagrammers end up making over-commercialization of the places in particular and
unrealistic expectations of travel in general.

Manali | Near Atal Tunnel

Negating The Happiness Competition in Social Media

My other pursuit for starting this blog is to provide an elixir to the prevailing
disease of happiness competition in social media. The sanctity of travelling is getting
desecrated in this meaningless enterprise. Travelling is not about displaying your
affluence or making others jealous or scoring a few more likes on Facebook &

Kasol | Enroute Chalal Village

Detoxification of Mind Through Travelling

I am always swayed by the platitude: “Work, Travel, Save, Repeat”. It is a never ending cycle to be in as many wellness retreats as possible. If you ask me why I work and save money? My stoic reply will be “for the sake of travelling”. I personally believe that travel is fatal to prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Broad, wholesome and charitable views of men can’t be acquired by vegetating in a little corner of the earth in the lifetime.

Own only what you can carry with you: know languages, know countries, know people & their culture. Let your memory be your travel bag.


Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuffs
to show

Hodophile, Orophile, Dendrophile and Thalassophile ! From the inner core of my heart, I am an adventure buff who vehemently believes in the transmogrifying potential of travel. My blog will help you planchette your gypsy soul and exorcise the ghost of fear of moving out. After reading my blogs, I see, in a humble clairvoyance, that many of you will feel enthusiastic about travelling and opt for it in quest of rediscovering your own self.


Thanks for hanging tight and reading my “About” page. I would like to end my not-so-short, though not verbatim, “About” page with one of my favourite travel quotes: “Travel-the best way to be lost and found at the same time and it allows you to become so many different versions of yourself”. It has been one of my guiding lights through this journey as a travel blogger.


KGL Trek | Kashmir | India


However, I am dead against the idea of classifying the travel blogger into two categories viz. Budget backpackers and Luxury travelers. I am of the view that a true travel blogger must espouse the harmonious balance of both the perspectives. With the passage of time, your choice of destination may change, your taste may change, your preferred cuisine may change. What stays unchanged will be my firm commitment to discovering the best possible value from travel.