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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

Hey! I’m Nomadic Baban!

Welcome to TravellingBirds-I am the writer and photographer behind the TravellingBirds travel blog!

Every morning, I wake up with an unquenchable thirst for knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen. I have set my heart on exploring unique destinations, offbeat adventures, fascinating cultures and epic landscapes in order to satiate my unfeigned wanderlust. My innate wanderlust has taken me to almost every state of India, even transcending beyond. While doing so, I used to spend a lot of time reading the relevant blogs before packing my life into a backpack, at least for a few days. Forsooth, I fervently felt that it was then the bounden duty on me to carry the torch forward. This blog is nothing but a picturesque virtual diary which will teleport you to the place, reminding you of an apt platitude: “ A picture brings thousand things”. My blog is totally devoid of any exaggeration and unnecessary prevarication, rather it is full of intriguing anecdotes pregnant with rich and useful information pertaining to historical and cultural dimensions of that place. It will single handedly unfetter your mental fetter that stands in the way of getting a final push from inside to pursue your passion for travelling. My prime objective is to provide a comprehensive guideline for every destination I travelled to and to protect you from getting swayed by the epidemic of information, sardonically known as “Infodemic”. Now, it has become my passion to share my soulful and doleful exposure, whether succinct or insipid, informative or observational, inspirational or educational with you all.


No matter what type of vacation you are looking for- a solo backpacking trip, adventure junket, romantic jaunt- this blog will provide you with all the relevant information to make your trip better, safer, longer and cheaper.

Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”-Iban Batuta

So come, read, learn but don’t forget to send a postcard from your long cherrished rendezvous.

I fervently hope that my blog will frantically fan your inherent ember of penchant for travelling as I believe with all my heart that life is not meant to be spent in the captivity of a job or similar money spinning pursuits alone.

A Modicum of Responsibility To Be Shouldered

TravellingBirds is looking forward to making responsible travel tribes, not a handful of pesky tourists.In the light of this mettle, all travellers and trekkers are cordially requested to espouse the essence of the platitude: “Take only memories, leave only footprints”. This aforesaid buzzword is an antithesis to the depletion of environment. Always carry a small bag to store your non  -biodegradable waste like left out cover of energy bar, chocolates, cakes etc. It is a bounden duty on us to bequeath a healthy legacy to our future generation who should not be divested of the opportunity to embrace the blissful arms of nature. In this blog, everywhere I have uploaded the raw and unedited photos of the place in order to keep even a modicum of your post travel disenchantment at bay.

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How can a good playlist make the trip memorable?

There exists a common thread amongst love, music and trip. Any trip can also be viewed through the lens of various perspectives, viz. rumination of sweet memories, resurgence of youthful vim, fledgling romance and its concomitant utopia, heart-wrenching happenings to mention a few. A good playlist suited to the tune of the jaunt can push the frontier of euphoria by several notches.

The selection of playlist can be made only after factoring in many aspects which are stated as under: